Shakti Catering is a catering company run by a group of women and serving traditional Indian vegetarian food with a healthy twist. All healthy diets recommend eating a variety of whole-grain foods, fruits and vegetables. Wherever possible, we offer healthier choices for traditional Indian dishes.

The Team

Ramaa Nathan: The chief architect behind the Shakti Catering venture, Ramaa is a committed vegetarian since birth. She is very passionate about health and nutrition and loves experimenting with different traditional Indian and contemporary eclectic recipes - giving them a healthy twist. She is also an aspiring data scientist and volunteers for different non-profit organizations.

Rungun Nathan: The most dedicated sous-chef, he brings his 25 years of sous-chef experience from the home kitchen to the catering kitchen.

Rochitha Nathan: The youngest member of our team, she is the best pie maker and ensures that all our food is delivered with her sweet smile.

Menu Advisors

Shyla Jagannath: When she is not busy working as a biostatistician, she is busy cooking up some new recipes.

Seema Pai: A dedicated technologist, she is also a horticulturist and passionate about healthy cooking.

Jyo Swaminathan: While enjoying the beautiful Italian landscape, she continues to be part of the team helping with menu planning each week.


Sharmila Natarajan: A Biomedical Research Scientist by profession, Sharmila, believes that along with Curative Medicine, Preventive Medicine - mainly healthy food habits, hygiene and nutrition awareness - can make a huge, positive difference in the well-being of every individual. She is also passionate about writing and is the author of all our blogs.